first blog post – first year??

this is my very first blog post, and so, i’m going to give you a quick overview of me and my life.

everything seems to be slowly falling into place, but it wasn’t always like that. it’s taken a while.

just a year and a half ago, i was struggling and scared because i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life. when finishing high school, i didn’t even apply to universities because i knew i didn’t know what i wanted to go into and i didn’t want to waste money without doing so.

so i took a fifth year and that was literally the worst decision of my life.

taking a break before university was smart. it gave me the chance to think and get my shit together and figure out what i liked and what i didn’t. however, going back to high school for one semester while talking two classes was literally pointless (i have also never skipped as much as i did in those five months).

so i decided i wanted to go into psychology (deep down, i knew i was probably only going into it because my sister did the same and was successfully on her third year at mcmaster), but i went with it anyway. turns out after my first year of university, i realized how much i didn’t like psychology and how difficult it actually was.

it was a kick in the fact because nothing felt like it was going right.

it was also first year and it was fucking hard.

i think i took it a little for granted and it was partly my fault because i could’ve done better. but it was truly such a change and high school does not prepare you at all. it’s like you’re thrown in the deep end and you have to fend for yourself.

in the end everything worked out, as it always does, but in the moment, it was incredibly overwhelming.

so there’s a glimpse into one of the more complex moments of my life but of course, not all. i’m thinking the next one might be about my craziest work stories because god, they just get weird and weirder.


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