i’ve come to a realization within these past few weeks.

at first, it seemed like my friends didn’t trust me enough to tell me about what they were going through. it bothered me, because what else am i here for? i like to know things, i like to be informed – sure, i can probably be described as nosy but i have the best of intentions, i swear.

but then one of them told me i judge a little too much. then i realized, do people not tell me things because i can be judgy?

i felt awful.

how would you feel if you were told your friends didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell you things because they felt you would judge them instead of helping them through it?

it literally made me feel like shit.

i try to be such a good friend because i only want the best for everyone and apparently it’s not even good enough. and then when i try to be included and help, they tell me “i don’t understand” and you know what? it’s getting really fucking annoying.

maybe i don’t have all the experiences i should or that they do, but i’m just giving my honest opinion and trying to help. and if they can’t understand that then maybe i just have to leave myself out and do them a favor.

i obviously have to work on myself if i’m described as judgmental so it’s probably in everyone’s benefit.


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